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We know how important dental health is for you and your family. Chicago Family Health Center (CFHC) offers a full range of dentistry services for adults and children. From toothaches, cavities, and cleanings, to restoring your smile by fixing or replacing teeth, our highly experienced doctors and dental staff are specifically trained to address your dental needs.

We have dedicated dental staff consisting of more than 20 dentists, pediatric dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and other clinical staff providing routine and specialized care as well as restorative services such as:

  • Cleanings
  • Exams
  • X-rays
  • Dental sealants
  • Restorative treatment
  • Extractions


Dental Care for Children

Oral health affects your child’s speech, growth and social development. Developing good dental habits at an early age helps children get a great start on a lifetime of good oral health. At CFHC, we understand this and offer parents exactly what they need to provide their child great oral care.

We work with children of all ages, including infants, whose first visit to the dentist should occur when their first tooth appears or when they turn six months old. We recommend that Pediatric dental visits be scheduled at the time of well-child visits or other primary health appointments.  Same-day appointments may be available at some locations as well. All children are covered under Medicaid for routine dental care.

CFHC provides the quality comprehensive care your child deserves. Our warm, friendly staff is committed to providing high quality, compassionate dental care for all children in a pleasant and comfortable setting. We strive to make every dental visit both enjoyable and educational.

Dental Care during Pregnancy

Being pregnant has major effects on the body, including your mouth. It’s important to continue to see your dentist during your pregnancy to maintain both good general health and oral health.

CFHC’s comprehensive dental care for pregnant women includes dental check-ups and cleanings as well as education on pregnancy and oral health, including the importance of avoiding certain drugs, how hormonal changes affect oral health and increase the likelihood of gingivitis during pregnancy, and how to prevent it.

We specialize in pediatric dental but offer dental care services to established CFHC adult and pediatric patients who currently see us for medical or dental care.  We accept Medicaid, Liberty Dental, Harmony, Family Health Network, and other private dental insurances.




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